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Fundraising Pages - For the Fundraiser
Create a Fundraising Page for Peer-to-Peer Campaigns - Guide for the Fundraiser
Create a Fundraising Page for Peer-to-Peer Campaigns - Guide for the Fundraiser

Learn how to launch your Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser pages and support the cause of an Organisation by helping it raise funds.

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1. What is a Peer-to-Peer?

StockCrowd's Peer-to-Peer tool enables organisations to empower their donor communities and turn them into ambassadors for their causes.

The organisations create a Peer-to-Peer space with information and instructions about the campaign (Marketplace), and the donors can create their Fundraising pages related to that campaign.

In other words, with Peer-to-Peer pages, donors act as fundraisers, launching solidarity initiatives or challenges in favour of an organisation with the aim of raising funds for it.

❗️ If you are an organisation, you can find more information on how to create a Peer-to-peer (P2P) Campaign in this article.

2. Your Fundraiser Account - Personal Fundraising Space

2.1. Create your Fundraiser Account

You will find the possibility to create your Fundraiser Account in the Peer-to-Peer campaign of the organisation you want to support.

To create your Fundraiser account:

1. Access the Organisation's Peer-to-Peer Campaign

Click on the "Start Fundraising" button. You will be redirected to the area where you can create your Fundraiser Account.

❗️If you already have a Fundraiser account, this button will redirect you to the login page, where you will be able to add your credentials to access your Personal Fundraiser Area (Fundraiser Account).

2. Create your Fundraiser Account

Click on "Create an Account" to create a new Fundraiser Account.

3. Enter your information

Add your email address, password, name and surname, and click on "Register".

4. Inform if you have the minimum age

Inform if you have the minimum age defined by the Organisation.

📌 You will see the age-related field only if the organisation has decided to activate this control option.

Otherwise, you will see only the option to accept the fundraisers' Terms and Conditions, as defined by the organisation.

5. Accept the Terms and Conditions

Accept the Terms and Conditions for the Fundraiser, as defined by the organisation.

6. Confirm submission

Click on "Let's go" to complete the registration of your Fundraiser Account.

📌 If you are under the minimum age established by the organisation, once you confirm the account creation, you will have to inform the Name, Surname and email of a parent or guardian and click on "Save".

Once you have created your Fundraiser Account, you will have direct access to your Fundraising Personal Space, where you will be able to create and manage your Fundraising Pages.

2.2. Access your Fundraiser Account

1. Access the Peer-to-Peer Campaign / Fundraising Page of the Organisation

Once you are in the Campaign you want to support, click on "Log in".

2. Add your register data

Add your email address, your password and click "Submit".

3. How to Manage Your Personal Fundraising Space

Your Personal Fundraising Space has three sections:

  1. Dashboard

  2. Your Fundraising Pages

  3. Your Donors

3.1. The Dashboard

In the Dashboard, you can:

3.1.1. View the contact person of the organisation you are supporting

You will find in your Dashboard the information of the contact person of the organisation you are supporting.

This person will be your reference for queries related to the creation or strategy of your Fundraising Pages.

3.1.2. Create a Fundraising Page

In your Dashboard, you will have the option to support an organisation by creating an Individual, Team or Organisation page.

To create a Fundraising Page:

1. Start the process to create a page

Log into your Dashboard and click on "Create New Fundraising page".

2. Choose the type of Page

Choose the type of Page you want to create.

Please find the differences of each page type in the table below.

Page Type


Individual Fundraising Page

Support an organisation by creating your own Fundraising Page to share with your friends and family.

If you are raising funds together with a team or organisation, you can connect your page to theirs.

Team Fundraising Page

Create a joint initiative to raise funds as a team, group of friends or family.

With a Team Page, you can create a single Fundraising Page for all members of your team and share it with them.

Other fundraisers can join your page to raise funds together, and you can also link your Team Page to another Team or Organisation Page.

Organisation Fundraising page

Team and Individual Fundraising Pages can be brought together under this central "parent" page, helping your corporate or community partners showcase their collective effort and impact.

Other fundraisers with Individual and Team Fundraising pages can be connected to your Organisation page.

If you have chosen to create an Individual or Team Fundraising Page, you can link your new page to another Team or Organisation's Page.

To do so, select the option "Link my own Page to an existing Team or Organisation", and click on "Search for team or organisation".

You will see, in their respective tabs, the Teams and Organisation Pages that you can join. You can also search by name, entering a text and clicking on "Search".

Choose the Page you would like to link to your Individual Page.

Click on "Join this Team".

At this stage, you will see be able to see the page you have just joined.

You can also unlink the Individual Page by clicking on the "X"on the right side of the linked page.

3. Add a Page Title and Description

Choose a Title and Description for the page.

4. Choose a Cover Image

Choose a Background image for your Fundraising Page by clicking on "Add Header picture".

Choose an image from your computer.

You will be able to crop the image as you prefer and click on "Upload Image" to confirm the changes.

❗️It is possible that you already have a cover image in your Dashboard before you set one.

This happens when the Organisation has chosen a default cover image for the Fundraising Pages.

However, you can change it as explained in the previous step.

5. Choose the Content of your Page

Enter your name, the end date of the Fundraising page, and the target (goal) that you would like to achieve.

When you start receiving donations, you can display them with a progress bar, the total number of donations, and the total raised.

6. Tell your story

You can share your story in the My Story tab.

That is, the reasons that led you to create your Fundraising Page, the goals you want to achieve and everything you consider necessary to make your page attractive and motivate visitors to donate.

7. Add your Fundraiser Photo

To add your photo as a fundraiser, click on the option "Change Photo".

Choose a nice photo of yourself from your computer.

You will be able to crop the image as you prefer and click on "Upload image" to confirm the changes.

8. Publish your Page

Click on Publish to save all the changes before you Publish the page.

9. Complete the form

Complete the form with the data requested by the Organisation and click on "Publish".

Congratulations, you have just created your Fundraising page!

📌 The Organisation can allow Fundraising Pages to be approved automatically when they create the Peer-to-Peer Campaign.

However, if the Organisation didn't choose this option, they must approve your page.

Once the Organisation approves the Fundraising Page, you will receive a confirmation email, in the email address you have chosen to create your Fundraising account.

❗️Remember to review the SPAM folder to make sure that you received the confirmation email!

This is how you will see the Fundraising Page after it is created:

You will see on your Fundraising Page the Leaderboard, a board that summarises the most successful Fundraising Pages: by Distance Covered and by Total Amount Raised.

📌 The Leaderboard will only be available if the Peer-to-Peer Administrator has activated this option.

This is how the Leaderboard will be displayed when grouped by amount raised:

And by Distance Covered:

3.1.3. Join a Team or an Organisation

From your Dashboard, you will be able to link your Individual or Team Pages to other Team or Organisation Pages.

That means that you can link your Pages to those created by other fundraisers, whose monetary goal can be reached thanks to the funds raised by your Page and those of others who have joined them.

The following table explains how you can link each type of Fundraising Page.

Page Type

Can link to what Page?

Individual Page

To only one Team page or one Organisation page at a time.

Team Page

To only one Team page or one Organisation page at a time

Organisation Page

Can't join any other kind of page.

The Organisation Page is a central "parent" page, which Individual and Team pages can be linked to.

1. Join a Team or Organisation

Click on the option to "Join a Team or Organisation".

You will see, in their respective tabs, the Teams and Organisations available.

You could also search for them using the search filter.

2. Choose the Team or Organisation

(a) Join a Team: Choose a Team page and click on "Join this Team" to become part of it.

Once you have chosen the page, another window will pop up, where you will have to click in Join this Team.

(b) Join an Organisation: In case you have decided to join an Organisation Page, choose the tab "Organisation" to see the pages available.

Select the page you want to link and choose the option "Join this Organisation".

3. Choose a Fundraising Page to connect

Choose a Fundraising Page from the Team or Organisation you want to connect with.

You could also search for an Organisation Page using the search filters.

Click on "Link this page" to become part of it.

Once clicked, congratulations, you have just linked your Page!

3.1.4. Monitor your activity and the status of the Fundraising Pages you have created

1. Review your activity

You will see a summary of your fundraising activity in the Dashboard.

You will be able to review:

  1. The total amount you have raised with all of your Fundraising Pages.

  2. The total of Fundraising Pages you have launched.

  3. The total of donations received by your Fundraising Pages.

  4. The number of active Fundraising Pages.

  5. The number of finished Fundraising Pages (if any).

  6. The number of pending Fundraising Pages.

2. What does the status of a Fundraising Page mean?

There are 4 statuses:

  • Active: The Fundraising Page is receiving donations and the Peer-to-Peer campaign end date has not yet been reached;

  • Completed: the Fundraising Page is not receiving donations because the Peer-to-Peer Campaign end date has been reached.

  • Pending: the Fundraising Page is ready to receive donations and is waiting for the Peer-to-Peer administrator to approve it.

  • Rejected: The Fundraising Page has not been authorised by the Peer-to-Peer administrator yet.

3. Review your Fundraising Pages at a glance

You can review in the Dashboard the summary from the Fundraising pages you have created

You will be able to see:

  1. The name of the Fundraising Page.

  2. The amount raised and the number of donations received: For the Team and Organisation pages, the total should also reflect the amount raised collectively by other pages.

  3. The amount raised and the number of donations received: You will only see the amount that was raised by your Individual page within a Team or Organisation's page.

3.2. Your Fundraising Pages

In the section Your Fundraising Pages, you can search for the Pages you have created, preview and edit them.

3.2.1. Search for a Page

You can use the search filters to find a Fundraising Page that you have created.

It is possible to search by:

1. The Fundraising Page title

Add the name of the Fundraising Page to search using the field "Search".

2. The Fundraising Page Status (active, completed, pending, rejected)

Search for the Fundraising Page by the Status.

3. Category (Individual, Team, or Organisation Page)

Choose what Campaign Category you would like to search for.

After you filter the information, click on "Search" to find the Fundraising Page that matches the filters you have chosen.

3.2.2. Edit, share, connect Strava or set up a Fundraising Page

In the tab "Your Fundraising Pages", you will find a quick-action menu for each Fundraising Page you take part in.

1. Edit Page

To edit your Fundraising Page, click on the pencil icon.

Access your Page and edit the content as you did when you created it.

2. Publish an Update

To post an Update, click on the notebook icon.

You can use this option to post an update as explained in this section.

3. Share your Fundraising Page

Click on the Social Share icon to share the Fundraising Page.

The link from your Fundraising Page will be copied to your clipboard, and you can paste it where you want to share your page.

4. Connect Strava

Now, by clicking on the Strava icon you will be able to connect your account in order to be able to track your activities within your Blog entries.

After clicking on the Strava icon you will be asked to connect your personal account and set it up so your Fundraising Page can start tracking your activities.

Once it is orange, it means it has been successfully connected!

📌 In order to know more about connecting Strava to StockCrowd, please check this article.

4. Edit a Fundraising Page

Click on the dented wheel icon to open the page's settings options.

You should see the following options:

  1. View the Page

  2. Edit contact info

  3. View QR Code

  4. Join a Team or Organisation

1. View the Page.

View the Fundraising Page. It will display the page as your donors will see it.

2. Edit Contact Info.

Edit the contact information as informed in this article.

3. View QR Code.

View the QR code linked to your Fundraising Page and download it by clicking on "Download QR".

4. Join a Team or Organisation.

Join a Team or Organisation page, by following these steps.

If the Fundraising Page is a Team or Organisation page which have been linked to other pages, you will see the option to "Manage linked fundraising pages".

Click on "Manage linked fundraising pages" to view the pages connected to the Team or Organisation page.

Click on the "X" button to unlink a page.

3.2.3. Choose how you want to Contribute

From the Fundraising Pages tab, you can also:

  • Create a new Fundraising Page

  • Join a Team or Organisation

  • View the contact person of the organisation you are supporting

3.3. Your Donors

You can see in the "Your Donors" tab the list of donors that have donated to your Fundraising Pages:

In each one you will see:

  1. Donor's name and surname.

  2. Nickname (optional text that the donor can add once the donation process is finished.

  3. Title of the Fundraising Page that received the donation.

  4. Comments (optional text that the donor can leave after he finishes the donation process).

  5. Amount of the donation.

  6. Date and time of the donation.

You can also choose to send a thank you message for each donor, by clicking on the heart icon on the right side.

To send a message, you must add a Subject and Message, and click on "Send" to deliver the thank you message.

4. Tell your donors about the progress of your Fundraising page

You can update the content of your Fundraising pages as many times as you like, to inform your donors of the progress of your campaign.

4.1. Add a Blog Post to your Fundraising page

On each Individual, Team or Organisation page, you will find the possibility to publish a Post to inform your donors about your progress.

To add a Post, access the section "Your Fundraising Pages", and click on the icon to "Publish an update" on the page you want to add the Post in.

And follow these steps:

1. Title and Text.

Add a title and blog entry to the Post.

2. Add an image.

Click on "Upload image" to add a photo (optional).

Choose an image from your computer.

Upload it to the Post.

If you wish, you can delete the image by clicking on the trash can icon.

3. Add a Video to the Post (optional)

Add a Youtube or Vimeo video copying the URL of the video you want to publish.

  • Add the video URL, pasting it at "Add video URL" according to the streaming service the video is hosted at.

  • Add the video chosen, by clicking on the + icon.

  • Add the video to the Post.

  • If you wish, you can delete the video by clicking on the trash can icon.

4. Add data from sports activities

Many Fundraisers choose to launch their Fundraising pages with sports challenges and inform donors of their progress.

If you are part of an active community, we recommend activating this option!

To add an activity, choose the type:

The distance in kilometres:

And within what time the activity was completed:

This can also be added via Strava, if you have your account linked, it will sync all your activities automatically.

📌 For further information on connecting your Strava account to StockCrowd, please refer to this article.

5. Publish your Post to the Blog

To save the changes, click on "Publish".

6. Publish your Updated Fundraising Page

Once this final step is finished, click on Publish to post your content on the Blog.

❗️Please keep in mind that the changes are not saved automatically. We advise you to click on Publish every time you make changes to your Page's content.

This is how the Post will be displayed on your Fundraising Page:

4.1.1. Edit, Remove or Add a Post

Edit, remove or add a post by clicking on the notebook icon on the Page you wish to edit a Post from.

You will be able to:

1. Edit.

Edit a Post by clicking on "Edit".

2. Eliminate.

Eliminate a Post by clicking on "Delete".

3. Add a block entry.

Add a new Post by clicking on "Add a Blog Entry".

4.2. Introduce your Team Members

You can introduce your team members by adding their names to your Fundraising page.

📌 This option is only available for the Team Fundraising Pages.

To introduce your Team Members:

1. Manage Team members.

Access the "Your Fundraising Pages" tab and select the option "Manage team members" from the Team Page you want to edit.

2. Complete the form.

Complete the relevant fields with the information from the member and click on "Add team member".

4.2.2. Edit, delete or add a member of your team

Edit, delete or add a team member by clicking the option "Manage team members" from the page you want to edit the members.

You will be able to:

1. Edit.

Edit the team member's data by clicking on "Edit".

2. Delete.

Delete a Team Member by clicking on "Delete".

3. Add members.

Add new team members by clicking on "Add member".

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